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This week's episode of Huge focused on the usually overshadowed characters of Becca and Alistair. Becca, in attempt to make new friends, starts a Larping (Live Action Role Playing) group at Camp Victory. Alistair is the unwitting target of camp gossip about his smell and weird behavior.

Becca’s larping campaign encounters numerous problems from a lack of interest to a disputed meeting place. Tennis campers from Lake Knoll claim the territory, and harshly insult the overweight campers. With Will’s help, campers become interested in a revamped version of the game. Angry with Will interference, Becca buries her annoyance until it becomes too great and she abandons her doormat tendencies to stand up to both Will and the Lake Knoll campers.

Alistair’s strange behavior already keeps his sister at a distance, but his tendency to not shower keeps everyone else away. Ian is tasked with notifying Alistair about his unpleasant odor and goes to George for help. With George’s intervention, Alistair reveals his phobia about showering with other boys. As George stands guard, Alistair takes a solitary shower during the first campfire of the summer.

Dr. Rand finds it difficult to deal with both the former camp director’s notorious campfire traditions and a dubious past with the married Lake Knoll camp director.  Eschewing the former director’s campfire stories, Dr. Rand has each camper put up a symbolic white flag and surrender to the pointless fighting of their everyday lives. But, Will refuses to participate in the camper’s group surrender.

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