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Romantic entanglements were at the forefront of last night’s episode of Huge. Camp Victory’s Movie Night provides an opportunity for campers to catch the popular Twilightesque movie Phantasma and to secretly hook up with one another. Huge’s main characters each explore their romantic desires and express their interest, although some not as clearly as others.

Will’s anger at Ian is dissolved when he asks her to write songs with him. Still believing that he read her journal, she thinks Ian is aware of her feelings for him. She agrees to work with him with a tentative amount of enthusiasm, but is disappointed when she finds out he is still interested in Amber. Inspired by the romantic movie and her own feelings of rejection, she composes a heartfelt song about her secret infatuation for Ian and the two work out a melody to her song.

Amber remains unaware and uninterested in Ian, much to the boy’s dismay, but finally confronts her feelings about George. The two continue to awkwardly flirt, both aware of the risks involved in their relationship, but George definitely seems interested when he gives Amber Dr. Rand’s discarded forget-me-not. Amber’s bff Chloe makes more headway with Trent when he declares that he does like her, although her past behavior at camp reveals that she is desperate for attention and popularity.

Wayne returns to build a proper fence for Camp Victory’s property, as well as to express his interest in Dr. Rand. Rand is unnerved by his attention and makes it clear that she cannot pursue a relationship, despite her obvious interest in the friendly surveyor.

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Huge Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

There's so much angst going on here.


It must be so lonely being dead.