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This episode of Huge showed the various campers mentally preparing for a “random” weigh-in. The stress over their progress (or lack thereof) led most of the characters to remain a little guarded about their weight loss. In addition, George must deal with the fallout from last week’s kiss with Amber.

Shay returns to a much more relaxed Rand and reveals, for the first time to Rand, that she has a daughter whose illness caused her to miss the Spirit Quest. Rand tries to converse with the usually distant Shay, but only finds out that Shay broke up a poker game between Chef Joe and the campers. Rand is upset by this revelation and also that her father was playing poker with the campers. His history with gambling cost his family their home when she was eleven and she still feels that she cannot trust him.

Amber tries desperately to get some alone time with George, while he remains distant. After finally confessing to Rand that he lost two campers, George struggles with the right way to deal with the situation. Amber, upset by his dismissal and by her lack of significant weight-loss, storms off into the woods. George follows her to apologize, but ends up comforting her about her self-image issues. They kiss and end up making out in the “privacy” of the woods.

Will’s anxiety about the weigh-in has less to do with her weight and more to do with “buying into” Rand’s weight-loss ideals. She continues her antagonistic relationship with the director, tearing up her weight card after the weigh-in. After a terse confrontation with Becca, who really just wants a supportive friend, Will stomps into the woods and comes across George and Amber.

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I don't want a number to decide my whole view of myself.


I have a whole Jew-bacca situation up here.