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Campers were invited to perform in Camp Victory’s Talent Night on this week’s episode of Huge. Talent Night helped open up some of the show’s most guarded characters as they each made their own preparations for the evening.

Chloe and Amber arrange a dance routine to Sir Mix-a-lot’s “Baby Got Back” although there is tension over Trent’s attraction to Amber instead of Chloe. Amber, not interested in Trent either for her friend’s sake or for her own, struggles to hide her impoverished background from her close friend, but her lack of a digital camera pushes her to confess that she doesn’t have the same luxuries as Chloe. While they do not perform together, Chloe and Amber make up after Chloe and Trent make out.

Will’s Talent Night plan’s go awry when she loses her camp journal. Anxious and distressed over losing a record of her private thoughts, she searches all over camp. Becca locates it in the lost and found and secretly reads it, though not before Ian reads a particularly stirring poem.. Ian performs a song inspired by Will’s writing, causing her to leave Talent Night ashamed and angry. Not believing that Ian only read the one poem, Will ends their friendship.

Dr. Rand escorts Wayne, a surveyor, along the camp grounds so that he may assess the property lines after last week’s incident. He is helpful and suggests she put up signs to definitively mark off Camp Victory’s land, and even goes so far as to place the signs himself. Dr. Rand is touched by his helpfulness though still wary about all the new changes in her life.

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