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The episode begins with Chance threatening to shoot a man named Baptiste in four minutes, when the train departs from the station.  Both Baptiste and Chance are bloody and look hurt.

A man's dead body is found by the local police. Chance and Winston appear at the scene of the crime.  Chance immediately assumes an assassin named Baptiste is responsible, due to the way the body was left unidentifiable.

Chance shows up at Emma's apartment.  He needs her help in locating Baptiste, by gaining access to heavily guarded FBI information.  Chance explains that a John Doe showed up dead a few hours before, with a custom made Baptiste bullet inside him, no ID, and his fingerprints burned off.  

The United Nations is across the street, from a restaurant recipe found in the dead man's pocket.  Baptiste has also stolen the identity of a European living in NY who works for the UN.  Baptist is there to assassinate a foreign dignitary.  

The team arrives to Emma’s apartment, including a new member named Layla.  Layla was on the previous episode, Lockdown.

Emma takes Chance to the FBI building, and with the help of Guerrero and Layla, is able to uncover that Taiwan and China are having a secret meeting somewhere in DC.  This must be Baptiste’s target.  

Baptiste also goes undercover at the FBI, trying to learn the location of this meeting.  

Chance and Baptiste see each other in the FBI office.  After they leave Baptiste calls Emma’s cell to ask her if they are an item, then crashes his car into theirs.  Chance is able to get Emma out of the car just before it blows up.

Chance admits that he used to work for some bad people, and his old boss found Chance when he was young, angry and alone.  He was the one that got Chance to become an assassin.

Chance also tells Emma that Katherine Walters was the last assignment of his old life, and he couldn't do it because he fell in love with her.  Baptiste was the guy they sent to finish the job.

Guerrero calls Baptiste on his cell and hears church bells in the background.  Chance, Emma and Winston arrive at the location of the conference.  Chance discovers a bomb in the building’s basement.

Emma is able to clear the building and get out just before the bomb is detonated. Baptiste is arrested and taken into custody.

Human Target
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Human Target Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Emma: OK, it's time you finally give me some answers.
Chance: You know everything I do, the guy kills people for money, we got to stop him, it's that simple.

Baptiste: This is it, the moment of truth.
Emma: It's over Baptiste.
Baptiste: You've got to be kidding me.
Chance: She made it out.