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Masked men break into the team’s office and are able to take Chance, Winston, and Guerrero into custody.

Six years ago Christopher Chance, an assassin, goes undercover as a prosecutor to find the whereabouts of his next target.  He meets with a detective named Winston in a bar and is able to get the location of Katherine Walters.  

Turns out the man who has the team in custody, works for the people that hired Chance to kill Katherine in the first place.  He is looking for an item that is directly related to her death.

Chance goes to Katherine’s secret location to assassinate her and has a change of heart. Chance finds out that Katherine really doesn't know much about the man that died on the docks. He decides not to kill her, and to help her out instead.

The man said two words to Katherine before he died, Leonore Forte.  Chance breaks down to Katherine, telling her he doesn't want to kill people anymore.  

Chance then takes Katherine to a safe house.  Guerrero shows up to kill Katherine, and Chance is able to fight him off.  

Baptiste arrives next to finish the hit and clean up the mess Chance has made.  Chance's boss makes it clear that he now wants Chance dead.

Katherine and Chance go to the original “Christopher Chance”, a bodyguard, for his help.  He is the only guy that has been able to beat our Chance in the past.  He explains that Christopher Chance is not a name you are born into, and he's the guy you go to when no one else can help.

Winston calls Katherine and tells her the Leonore is a ship, and something must have been hidden on it.  The only way they can end this is if they get their hands on whatever is on the ship.

At the docks, Chance leaves Katherine at their boat.  After a passionate kiss he promises that he will get her out of this mess.

In the office Chance figures out that Forte is really 40A, the location of a container. Chance finds the container and a metal case with a book inside it.

Baptiste then tries to take the book from Chance.  The metal case falls into the channel, and Baptiste in turn blows up the boat Katherine is on. The original Christopher Chance shows up just in time and shoots Baptiste, just as Baptiste throws a knife and kills him.  

Winston watched the docks during the entire incident and even called off the police.  He must be the one with the book.  The bad men figure this out and take Winston with them.

Chance's old boss shows up.  He wants his book back and Chance wants to save Winston.  They now must team up and work together.

Human Target
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Human Target Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Nobody deserves to die.


You're not as stuck as you think. There's another way.