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A man named Danny is chasing a man but suddenly out of breath and bleeding from his nose, stops to call his brother, Aaron Cooper.  Danny gives his brother a telephone number, falls to the ground and dies. 

Aaron enters his apartment and notices it has been ransacked.  Chance suddenly appears and tells him Danny worked as a spy, for counter intelligence.  Danny was following a Russian agent when he was poisoned and murdered.  Danny must have brought them together to finish what he started.

As it turns out, Danny was Chance's good friend from Kosovo.  Chance is determined to find Danny's killer and bring him to justice. 

Chance arrives at the Russian embassy event, undercover as C.C. Baxter.  Once inside, Chance is informed that his “guest” has already arrived.

Back at headquarters, Aaron begins bleeding from the nose and has apparently poisoned like his brother.  Guerrero and Winston begin searching for the antidote. 

A beautiful woman walks up to Chance and greets him as C.C. Baxter, introducing herself as Carrie Jacobs. Chance immediately thinks Carrie must be a hooker. 

Chance creates a distraction and is able to get a key card to access all the rooms of the embassy.  He then follows a Russian man into a private room where a Russian Special Forces meeting is taking place.  These Russians are apparently looking for the same spy that killed Danny.

Chance suddenly begins to bleed from his nose.  Guerrero calls from Aaron's apartment and tells them the poison was airborne.  Christopher Chance has been poisoned and now must also fight to save his own life.

Carrie Jacobs surprises Chance and punches him in the face.  They begin to fight, ending in a compromise to work together.

Carrie turns out to be Emma Brown with the FBI, tracking a freelance spy using the code name Raven.  Raven stole the plans for a weapons prototype.  He plans to sell the prototype at today’s event. 

Chance discovers the auction is occurring through Bluetooth transmission at the embassy.  Raven is trying to sell the prototype to a room full of rich Russians.  Chance spots the auction winner, Victor Shukoff, and chases him.  Raven then shoots Shukoff to silence him, without revealing his identity.  The Russian Special Forces find Chance and Emma standing over the dead man and arrest them.

Mr. Blancher, the State Department Liaison asks to see Chance and Emma.  But how did he immediately know they were in custody?   Blancher then shoots and kills all the Russians in the room. Chance picks his handcuff lock just in time and begins to fight Blancher.  Blancher is Raven. The Russian chief of security shoots Raven before Chance can find out what the antidote is.

Chance and Emma search Mr. Blancher’s dead body.  They find a key to a hotel room, and call to tell Guerrero where to search for the antidote. They then steal a motorcycle and attempt to leave the embassy grounds.  The Russians chase them and they barely escape.  Guerrero finds the antidote from the hotel and brings it to Chance.

Next, you see Emma searching the FBI database for Chance’s true identity, using his fingerprint left on the handcuffs.  The information pulls him up as a John Doe with many aliases listed, one being Christopher Chance.

Chance admits to Winston he left his fingerprints by mistake.  Yeah right...  is there a romance on the way for Christopher Chance?

Human Target
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Human Target Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Emma: How am I going to get in touch with you? You can't just disappear!
Chance: I'm going to have to owe you one.

Do you think I would risk everything for a woman? What am I fourteen?