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Christopher Chance was hired to help Martin Gleeson escape from Syntronics.  Martin is their top engineer and being held against his will.  He was able to send a letter to his father, with message pleading for help in Morse code. 

The message stated that a colleague, Matt Kozinski, was murdered by Syntronics.  Matt and Martin exposed that Burma was trying to purchase a top secret program they were designing. 

Chance skydives and lands on Syntronics.  This is the only way he could possibly gain access to this incredibly guarded building.

Chance then goes undercover as a maintenance man.  He finds Martin and prepares for them to jump and parachute out of his window.

Martin Gleeson is on lockdown by his superior, Mr. Crease.  Syntronics needs him to finish building their weapon.  He is an extremely high commodity.   

Mr. Crease is notified of a security breach after the window to Martin’s room is blown. 

Two guards appear and begin a shootout with Chance.  Their parachute is shot and now they are forced to go to go with plan B to escape.  Chance must now use his cleverness to help Martin.  .

Mr. Crease calls Vivian, his partner, and lets her know of the situation at hand. 

Martin figures out that he can use his weapon to cook the system’s computers. This will allow them to shut down the security system and escape.  They head to the Black Room.

Winston and Guerrero go undercover to tip off the FBI that Syntronics is selling weapons to Burma.  They want the feds to raid Syntronics, giving Chance and Martin an opportunity to escape.

The FBI is already aware of Burma, but need tangible proof to raid the building.  Guerrero quickly comes up with a plan, and tells them that Burma has hired someone to kidnap Martin.  They want to cut out the middle man.

They make it back to the Black Room, the location of the weapon.  Chance uses Martin’s cell phone to take picture of room and then is able to change the security camera’s view.  Once inside, Martin pulls his pet fish out of his pocket. 

Chance confesses that he had a boss like Vivian, someone that could manipulate and pervert what one is good at.  Chance had to run, and change his name to start again.

Vivian uses the computer’s heat sensors to locate Chance and Martin in the Black Room. 

The guards arrive and Chance shoots out the door control before they can enter the Black Room.  Mr. Crease activates fire suppression in the Black Room, releasing a toxin to kill Martin and Chance.  Martin finishes the weapon and is able to shut down the building’s security system just in time. 

Using a plasma canon, Chance blasts their way out of the room through the concrete floor.  Chance rigs up a pulley system to allow them to escape through the elevator shaft.  Mr. Crease begins to shoot at them and Chance jumps into the elevator and kills him. 

More guards arrive at elevator door.  Chance pulls out a detonator and pushes it, creating an explosion in a water cooler that Winston positioned earlier while scoping out the place.

Martin safely escapes with his pet fish.

The FBI is waiting outside.  They believe Chance was the kidnapper, but are quickly corrected by Martin.  Chance and Vivian are taken into custody. Winston picks up Chance and they somehow elude the FBI.

A woman at Syntronics was able to use an image of Chance to pull up his old dead profile.  This generated an automatic email, alerting someone out there that Chance was spotted.  Sort of like a signal flair.  Winston was unable to trace signal. 

According to Guerrero, Chance’s old boss is looking for him.

Human Target
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Human Target Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Chance: Oh an Aunt Linda.
Winston: Uh uh, calling in the cavalry is an Uncle Dan.
Chance: No, calling in the cavalry is an Aunt Linda; I don't even know who Uncle Dan is.

Winston: All right, what the hell's going on? You heard me.
Guerrero: There's a guy out there, been looking for Chance for awhile. Just got one step closer I guess.
Winston: Who?
Guerrero: His old boss.