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The episode begins with a man with explosives on the phone with a negotiator.  You then see a man (Christopher Chance) tied up sitting on a chair, with a dark covering over his head.  Outside, the swat team prepares to raid the building.  Christopher Chance then somehow unties himself and begins to give the bomber unwanted advice.  The man thinks Chance if crazy and leaves to detonate bomb.  Chance then shoots him in the head and the building explodes.  What an wild introduction to our main character, Christopher Chance!

The next scene has a woman, Stephanie, telling Winston about mechanic finding explosives under her car.  She works for McNamara Engineering, running the design team on a new high speed train.  She wants to hire Chance to protect her and figure out who is trying to kill her.  Chance asks Stephanie how fast the train can go, over 200 mph, and agrees to take the job.

Chance walks into the SF train terminal as Tony Gram, Stephanie’s new translator.  They board the new high speed train, which can go from San Francisco to Los Angeles in only three hours.  Let the games begin!  Chance is on the hunt for the killer.

Winston calls and tells Chance that a Times Reporter, Mark Hoffner shows up numerous times in Stephanie’s phone records.  The third person on Chance’s team, Guerrero, is introduced and helps them investigate Hoffner’s link to Stephanie.  Guerrero discovers Hoffner was killed that morning with a car bomb. 

Chance notices Stephanie’s drink has cubed ices instead of crushed like everyone else’s, he quickly grabs Steph and they leave that train car.  A random man takes a sip of Stephanie’s drink and falls to the ground, which shows it has been clearly poisoned.  You then see a creepy bartender/waiter watching them leave.

Stephanie hearing the train’s brakes squealing, somehow figures out that the killer disengaged the train brakes.  This makes the train a ticking time bomb, unable to slow down and stop before an upcoming curved tunnel.  The waiter/killer enters the train car shooting.  Chance blocks a shot meant for Stephanie and is hit in the back.  Luckily he is not hurt because of a bullet proof vest!  Chance and Stephanie are barely able to escape, with the killer chasing them through the train cars.

Stephanie and Chance try to escape through an air vent.  The killer must have figured out their plan because he suddenly is in the same vent ahead of them.  Chance and the killer begin to struggle and fall out of vent.  A violent fight scene occurs.  Just as you think the killer is about to strangle Chance, he somehow kicks a window out and throws killer through it.

Chance walks into crowd and shoots his gun to get their attention.  He explains that they need to exit the train immediately, before they crash.  The brake disks are overheated, once engaged through tunnel curve, will explode out of their housing. 

Stephanie and her husband Sam remember the supplemental breaking system in back, which can slow down the train.  If they all go into the last car and detach it from the rest of the train, they can be saved! 

With all the passengers safely in the last car, Chance and Stephanie separate the hydraulic connection.  When they try to exit into the last car, the door somehow will not open.  You see it is tied on the other side with a man’s tie.  Speeding ahead, trapped, Chance makes a parachute out of a seat belts and tarps and they manage to escape.  What an amazing scene!

Tom, without his tie, thanks Chance for saving his wife.  Guerrero calls Tom on his cell and confronts him about random expenses on his wife’s credit card and calls to Mark Hoffner.  Stephanie is obviously having an affair with Hoffner.  Sam hired the man to kill his wife, for the affair and the money earned building the train.  Stephanie bitch slaps Sam. Go Steph!

Stephanie asks Christophe Chance what she owes him for saving her life and he takes the huge engagement ring off her finger.

In the last scene you see Chance with his next client in a limo.  He takes his ridiculously expensive bottle of tequila, lighting it and throwing it at our screen.  We are hooked!

Human Target
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Human Target Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

People have secrets and secrets are dangerous, so what are you keeping from me?

Christopher Chance

In 3 hours one way or another this thing is going to be over.

Christopher Chance