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The episode begins with Chance taking the controls and flying a burning plane, with the assistance of a beautiful flight attendant.  How did Christopher Chance get himself in this mess?

Mr. Tenant, the owner of a Cyber Security company, hires Christopher Chance to protect Casper.  Casper is the creator of a skeleton key to internet security.  Someone broke into Mr. Tenant’s office, getting hold of Casper's flight information, apparently to murder him/her and get a hold of this key. 

Since they are unaware of the true identity of Casper and also the assassin, it would be too difficult for Chance to act alone. Winston agrees to help out and goes undercover as a flight attendant. 

Winston and Chance are trying to figure out who the assassin is when Chance notices the plane has changed course, due to and an “electrical malfunction”.  The assassin must want to force plane down in Portland before it reaches Seattle to more easily get a hold of Casper. 

While looking at an electrical panel of the plane, Chance is attacked by a man with a gun.  Shots are fired and an impressive fight scene follows.  These gun shots are apparently responsible for the plane’s fire. Chance ultimately wins the fight and the assassin is detained.  An air marshal sees Chance searching the assassin and threatens him with a gun.  
Winston sits near pretty blond passenger and asks her if she really boarded in London, because she had no checked bags. Winston figures out that she is the illusive Casper. Winston explains people are after her and the skeleton key.  Winston then sees Chance handcuffed by the air marshal.  Winston helps Chance pick his handcuff locks and they realize there must be a second assassin onboard.

The fire on the plane is getting out of control.  They need to act fast!  The flight attendant gets a nod from the first assassin as she goes into the cockpit with Chance.  Now we know the flight attendant is the second assassin. 

Chance figures the only way to extinguish the fire in the belly of the plane is by flipping it over.  Once the plane is flipped and the fire goes out, they are unable to flip it back because of a computer malfunction. Now the plane is flying upside down.  What a mess!

Casper decides to help out, and pulls out the skeleton key that can be used to replace the plane's flight software.  The only problem is that they must patch the new flight plan manually, using Casper’s laptop.  Chance agrees to take on the task and heads to the underbelly of the upside down plane with the flight attendant. 

Once the job is completed and the plane’s computer repaired, the flight attendant looks for her gun. Chance pulls her gun out of his pocket and a fight between the two begins.  Somehow Chance is able to inject her with a tranquilizer.  Before falling out of the plane to her death, Chance tries to recruit the flight attendant, telling her there are other ways to live. 

Human Target
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Human Target Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Chance: Winston, I got him.
Winston: I was worried there for a minute.
Chance: Rest easy, I promise no more surprises at least until we land.

Chance: If we don't put that fire out before it reaches the relay we could have problems.
Flight Attendant: What kind of problems?
Chance: The crashing kind.