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Chance goes under cover as Brother Mitchell in a remote Canadian monastery, to find and protect a man named John Gray.  John Gray wants to start a new life with a woman named Emily.  Gray is hiding from Fisher, his former partner and escaped convict.

Chance finds John Gray in the monastery library.  Gray won't leave because he searching for a valuable religious book/scroll at the monastery.  He needs to find it before Fisher.  Fisher is after this same book and will do anything to get a hold of it.  He would even go as far as killing all the monks! 

Next you see Guerrero meeting with unidentified man.  He says he finally can do the job with Chance and Winston out of the country.  What is Guerrero up to?

One of Fisher's thugs breaks into the library and fights Chance.  Chance, of course wins, and discovers his bag is full of C4.  Fisher must plan to blow up the monastery after locating the valuable book. 

Winston then calls Guerrero for help but he says he's busy on another job. Then you see Guerrero searching for a file in Winston’s office. Guerrero finds the file and takes pictures of it.  The case is about a woman named Katherine, which ended tragically with her death.

Chance finds the book/scroll in the monastery crypt.   Fisher then shows up with his armed thugs and takes the scroll.  John Gray bluffs and says he has a papal ring needed to unlock the box.  Gray made this deal to save the lives of the monks.  Of course, Fisher has no plans to honor the deal.

Winston arrives just in time and takes out one of Fisher’s thugs.  He then calls Guerrero for help in diffusing the bomb. 

Chance slides down to the mountain cable car and takes out Fisher and his goons.  John Gray pays Chance with the gold papal ring. 

Guerrero delivers a picture of Chance and Katherine to the unidentified man.  He then asks who the man works for, and when unanswered, shoots him.  Did he do all of this to protect or betray Christopher Chance?

Human Target
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Human Target Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I saw the look on his face as he watched Emily and Gray together and I knew exactly what he was thinking. Course he'd never admit it, but I know now he still hasn't gotten over her. He's never gotten over Katherine.


I just hope one day the man will just stop looking for salvation. I hope that one day he understands that salvation isn't something you can find.