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Richard Applebaum sent a letter to the FDA to expose problems with his company’s (Hoxton Moss) pharmaceutical drug that is about to hit the market.  Someone now is trying to kill him and his family so he goes to Chance for help.

Chance goes to work with Richard as an office temp.  Ames goes to school with his son Joel and Winston stay home with his wife Rachel.  

Richards boss Michem is angry because he knows he contacted the FDA.

Two men show up at their home and try to kill Rachel.  Winston is able to stop them.  

Ames helps Joel sneak out of lockdown to go to a party and see a girl.  He takes his laptop to the party to play music.  The thugs then show up to the party.  

A Swedish game designer turned hacker that specializes in zombie bots is after Joel.  The thugs show up to the party and try to take down Joel.  Chance shows up just in time to stop the men and help Joel and Ames escape.  

Joel played a game called Zombie Circus, which he thought sucked, so he hacked into the company's website and erased all their files.  They now want revenge.

Guerrero goes to the boss and gets the Swedes’ contact information.  Chance contacts the man behind the hit and arranges to trade the laptop for the family's freedom.  He wants Joel to personally deliver the computer into a crowded mall.  

The team is undercover in the mall as Joel delivers the laptop.  Just as Joel is about to make the drop, his friend Jamie stops him to talk.  The Swedes change their mind and decide to also take Joel.  Chance is able to stop them by riding a hanging sled to knock out the thug and take back Joel's laptop.

Michem was acting alone, so Richard Applebaum gets to keep his job.  

Human Target
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Human Target Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

But if you ask me, in this life you get pushed around just as long as you don't push back.


The mall at Christmas, what a zoo!