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Seven years ago Chance was hired to murder a man named Brooks.  

Rebecca Brooks, the widow of Daniel Brooks now needs protection.

Mrs. Pucci returns home and wants to help the team out.  She is sure she can handle the pressures of the job.  

Chance approaches Rebecca Brooks as her blind date.  He introduces himself just as her real date arrives.  Turns out that her blind date is her assassin.  Chance helps Rebecca narrowly escape with her life.  

Mrs. Brooks is then interviewed by Chance.  Mr. Brooks was an economics professor.  His last project was one to predict price changes in ball park tickets.  Mr. Brooks was working towards completing his theory and someone was willing to kill for it.  

Ames begins working with Guerrero to get information on a recent target.  The pair obviously have a lot of onscreen chemistry.

Mrs. Brooks and Chance try to locate the bin number of Professor Brooke's papers.  Turns out he had his papers shipped out to his family home in Tiburon, the location of his murder.

A man appears and almost kills Chance and Mrs. Brooke.  The assassin is a lawyer at an investment bank.  Mr. Brooks was blackmailing the firm.  Someone then arrives and shoots and kills the lawyer.  

Chance's past is the reason he took this case.  Now Chance must figure out why Mrs. Brooks’s life is in danger.

In the attic of the house in Tiburon, they locate a gun and paperwork.  The paperwork shows Mr. Brooks figured out how to predict the stock market.

Mrs. Brooks then has a gut feeling that Chance was her husband’s murderer, because he knows about the storm door in the house.  Chance admits to killing Mr. Brooks.  She then shoots Chance in the arm.

Winston shows up and kills the man whom originally hired Chance to kill Mr. Brooks. 

Human Target
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Human Target Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Internet dating, it's crazy huh?


Mrs.Brooks: You, you killed Daniel.
Chance: There's an assassin in this house, I can protect you.