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Laura becomes suspicious when she realizes that Sophie's pyjamas are soaked and there is no logical reason why. She sets out to quiz Anita, but she gives her very vague answers and says that she wouldn't take her out without permission. 

After speaking to Mattie, Laura decides to enquire about a broken synth and gets ready to take Anita back and out of the family home, but Sophie is not happy. Mattie couldn't be more happy and reels her little sister in by saying she is her favorite. 

Niska decides she doesn't want to be undercover as a prostitute and attacks a rude client, killing him. She gets ready to make her escape and must survive a scuffle with her boss. 

Mattie gets herself in trouble at school when she tries to manipulate the school synth and attempts to over clock him. Her head mistress knows that she done it, but can't prove it. Laura is called into the school and tells her that without proof, they better not throw accusations at her daughter and that she will be happy to return when they actually find some proof. She then takes Mattie out shopping so they can try to bond.

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