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Niska finds herself in a shock predicament when Leo informs her that he has tracked down Anita. She comes across a human who tells her that war is coming. She goes in to the shop he comes out of and finds a group who are terrorizing robots and she takes matters into her own hands, which lands her in trouble with the police. She barely escapes. 

Mattie meets with Leo, but makes a getaway when she realizes that he wants Anita. 

Pete breaks up with his wife when he realizes she likes her NHS robot more than him and he goes to his work partner's home and after a few drinks he goes to sleep, but his colleague is revealed to be a robot. 

Leo realizes that George can help him with the binary dump and sets out to find him. Upon finding him, George tells him that there is an executable file within the binary and it is the key to finding out where Anita, Leo and Niska are from. 

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