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Joe pushes Laura to agree to get rid of Anita, but a family meeting makes their minds for them as the kids refuse to let her leave. Joe is scared someone finds out about his tryst with Anita and keeps pushing the matter of getting rid of her, but when he calls the company to pick her up, Mattie goes on the run with the troubled synth. 

She takes her straight to Leo and she tries to help him bring her back from the brink of destruction. 

Niska is sent to hide out with George, but Vera senses that she is a synth and is confused about why she can't read her. 

Joe comes clean to Laura about sleeping with Anita and she goes crazy. Earlier, Toby took the blame for bedding the robot in order to keep the family together. 

Steve makes progress in the case and returns to George's home to find out where Odi is, but Niska realizes she may need to kill again in order to not be caught. 

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