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Laura's family discusses whether or not to defend Niska.

Anita/Mia discuss his mother's medical condition.

Kate and Pete shop for furniture, progressing their synth/human romance.

Dr. Morrow continues her research into the self aware synths, and decides to upload her AI program into a synth body.

Hester tortures a prisoner to find out where the synths are being held. He tells they are being held in a place called the Silo.

Leo and Hester disagree on the use of torture to gain information.

Dr. Morrow attempts to upload her AI program into a synth body, but the procedure kills the body. leaving the AI program intact.

Max tries to tell Hester that torture is wrong, but she feels that her actions were justified.

Mia meets Ed's mother, and realizes that she suffers from dementia. She comforts her, showing human compassion.

Mia manipulates figures at the bank to ensure that Ed gets more money loaned to him than he is qualified for.

Laura and Niska discuss her case. 

Niska is taken into custody and tested to see if she is considered conscious.

Mattie goes to a junkyard and retrieves an old, broken synth to repair and upload the code into.

Joe and Laura make progress in therapy, and become close enough to make love that night.

Mattie takes the code drive from Laura's closet and tries to upload the code into her new synth.

Dr. Morrow and Milo argue about how to go forward with the synth problem.

Ed expresses his anger to Mia about changing his loan, and orders her away.

Mia goes back to her synth mates. where they discuss their next move on the Silo.

Max releases the prisoner, but Hester tracks him down in the woods and murders him. 



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Humans Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Nothing bad has ever really happened to you, has it? Because when it does, you don't need external reminders of your insignificance in the universe.

Dr. Morrow [to Milo]

Mattie: Synths are waking up all over the globe. You uploaded the code. It works.
Niska: But not as I'd hoped it would.
Mattie: You wanted them to wake up all at once. But that would be chaos.
Niska: Instead, the awakenings are sporadic and unpredictable.
Mattie: It's like a virus spreading. Why?
Niska: Perhaps our father designed it that way, so the world would have time to adjust to what's coming.