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Ed attempts to sell Mia to Qualia, but before the sale can be completed, Mia resets herself to her factory settings, eliminating the self awareness upgrade. Qualia refuses to buy her. Ed abandons her on the road.

Mattie tells Odi now that he has free will he needs to find his way in life.

Dr. Morrow is told that her daughter Ginny has died. She refuses to go back to the U.S. for her funeral.

Laura tells Niska that she was warned to give up the case.

Niska reads the lips of the lawyers and knows she won't get a fair trial.

Karen tells Pete that she is unhappy, and leaves him. 

Toby meets Renie at her house, and she attempts to kiss him. Toby tells her that he wants to know the human Renie. Renie's facade breaks, and she sends Toby away.

Hester and Leo capture a Qualia agent. Hester volunteers to interrogate the agent in private. Leo tells Hester not to harm the agent.

Niska feigns a malfunction to steal the watch of a guard.

Mattie finishes the final version of the self awareness code, giving her the power to make all synths self aware instantly. 

Mattie tries to locate Leo to tell him about the final code.

Dr. Morrow tells the AI program "V" that she is based on her daughter Virginia.

Hester gives Leo the information from the agent, and lies to him about killing the agent.

Hester uses sex to manipulate Leo.

Niska tells the court that she knows she will never get a fair trial, uses the guard's watch to set of an explosion, and escapes custody.

Dr. Morrow demands access to all the synths at the silo so she can find one of the prototypes.

Pete tracks a Qualia agent in search of one of the Seraph synths.

Morrow finds a restricted access room, and "V" helps her get inside.

Pete finds the Seraph, which is a child synth.

Morrow finds a room full of child synths at the silo.



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Humans Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Niska: Thank you, Laura.
Laura: Thank me when we win.
Niska: This won't end the way you want it to.

Mia: What's happening?
Ed: Mom's got to stay where she is, and you're worth a lot of money.
Mia: You can't do this.
Ed: I've got no choice. Mia, we're people, and you're not.
Mia: Ed, we have something, I know you feel it.
Ed: It wasn't real.