Humans Season 3

Dangerous Plans - Humans
"Episode 5"

On HUMANS Season 3 Episode 5, Joe struggles to help Sam try to handle recent events even as a dangerous plan is put into action at the Railyard.

The Railyard Gets Visitors - Humans
"Episode 4"

On HUMANS Season 3 Episode 4, an evening out turns tragic for Joe, Mia comes face to face with someone from her past, while Laura visits the Railyard.

A Mysterious Message - Humans
"Episode 3"

On HUMANS Season 3 Episode 3, Niska receives a mysterious message, Mattie and Leo confront their feelings, and Laura wants the truth about Operation Basswood.

Secrets and Consequence - Humans
"Episode 2"

On Humans Season 3 Episode 2, Joe ends up uncovering Karen's secret, while Laura discovers she's not being told everything at the Dryden Commission.

"Episode 1"

On Humans Season 3 Episode 1, a year on from the release of the consciousness code, a catastrophic event puts the future of human and synth-kind in jeopardy.

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