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Ray and Tanya struggle with their partnership on this episode of Hung.

It starts with their attempt to get Ray's wallet back, following his banging of Lenore and subsequent losing of it. But when the pimp and her client ring the bell of the house Ray met Lenore at, some random old guy answers it.

Eventually, Tanya tracks Lenore down - after leaving several unreturned messages - and she acts weirder than ever. She claims she was house-sitting at the residence where she met Ray and says she did return all of Tanya's calls. She also has Ray's wallet, but it has no cash in it and Lenore is appalled that Tanya would accuse her of stealing. As for Ray's payment? Lenore gives him nothing.

As a result of this transaction, or lackthereof, Tanya puts $300 into Ray's wallet and says Lenore loved the service. Ray is excited... but only briefly.

He later learns that his credit cards have been maxed out and when he accuses Tanya of doing it, she admits everything about how flaky Lenore is and how she was the one that gave Ray that cash. The two argue and Ray quits.

Tanya then makes a cute apology, via a message in a cookie, and her and Ray make up. But are they still in business together? Tanya sure hopes so. At the end of the episode, Lenore calls and says the credit card money she took out was simply a deposit for the clients she has landed for Ray and Tanya. She gives Tanya three names of well-off women that want Ray to consult on their happiness... if you know what we mean!

In other storyline news: Jessica gets a dog in order to bond with her children; Floyd, the man in charge of the seminars at which Ray and Tanya met, takes Tanya out for dinner; and Ray's neighbor calls the police on him because Ray urinated in the lake.

As revenge for the latter incident, Ray gives his neighbor's wife a box of cookies. She eats one and the message inside says that she's sexy.

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Hung Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You're the worst pimp in the world!

Ray [to Tanya]

Tanya: It's like my mother always said: I'm too desperate to be liked.
Ray: You're mother said that? That's awful.
Tanya: Let's not go there, Ray.