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On this episode of Hung, Ray experiences heartbreak while Tanya sort of finds a new man.

We'll deal with the latter first: Tanya meets a man named Pierce at a bar. They go home together. He's a photographer and he questions Tanya about her lack of poetry over the last two years. She says she just hasn't been motivated for awhile and mentions the bad influence her mother has had on her life.

Pierce gets an idea: Tanya should write a new poem about her mom and read it to her at her mother's weekly Sunday dinner (which which Tanya is never invited). She takes him up on the idea, or at least it seems.

When the pair arrives at Tanya's mother's house, she reads the (pompous) group a poem. It's not very good. When Tanya runs out in tears, we also learn it was from when she was 14 years old. Later in the episode, though, she appears to finally get soem motivation and starts to write again for real.

As for Ray: he invites Jemma over to his tent and gives it to her good. But he's then appalled to wake up in the morning and find cash next to him. He thought they were actually dating now! He later calls Jemma and plans an actual date, one that she initially accepts.

But when the episode concludes, Ray is stood up.

In between those events, he does have some nice sex with his annoying neighbor's wife, who agrees to convince her husband to never call the cops on Ray again.

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Hung Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

(voice-over while making love to Jemma) It was just me and her making out in my tent with the wind howling outside. It felt different this time. It felt real.... which is why waking up next to that pile of cold hard cash felt like such a kick in the gut.


Tanya: When I was a child, I was really prolific. My adolescence was ah, so fertile. I hemorrhaged words.
Pierce: So what stopped the bleeding?
Tanya: I think it was my mother.