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This week on Hung:

- Ray and Jess finish their make out session in the lake, but Jess takes off when Ray tries to take it one step further.

- Ronnie has a friend pick him up from the reception, and they end up hooking up in her car while her husband is in the convenient store.

- Damon goes to Tanya's to ask her to be his poetry mentor.  He touches her leg.

- Ray gives Lenore $1,000 and tells her that he is quitting the business of prostitution.

- Tanya goes to Francis to convince her that she can be with Mike because he really cares for her.

- Ronnie admits to hooking up with Mindy, but Jess already had her mind made up.  She's taking the kids and their leaving Ronnie for a while.

- Ray tells Jess that he wants to be with her again.  Jess admits that she loves him, but explains that she has to be on her own for a while.

- Tanya gets the money back from her mom that she spent on that giant dinner.  She shows it to Ray, but he explains that it's not good enough.  They then make up and enjoy a nice cook out with the kids.

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Hung Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

It's like we're in Michigan and everyone else here is the same...except you.

Damon (to Tanya)

Jess: I have to go.
Ray: Do you wanna go?
Jess: No.