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We return to Detroit for season two, where Ray is contemplating his life, getting ready for baseball season and wondering why he keeps thinking about his ex-wife.

The three-way prostitution ring that developed at the end of last season got together for a meeting.  Lenore of course has taken control of the operation and tells Ray and Tanya how things are going to work.

After finding out that she's taking 20% out of Ray's 60% cut, Tanya makes a trip to the Donut Hole for a little prostitute research.  The local pimp helps her out over a cup of coffee by telling her to "Find out what [Ray's] problem is and fix it for him."

Even though Ray's job maybe over by the end of the spring, he's still fighting for better opportunities for his baseball team.

Ray's challenging job this week was a pregnant woman named Claire.  He was weirded out by the situation because, of all things, he used to love having sex with his ex-wife while she was pregnant.  Tanya's solution was for him to imagine Jessica during the deed, and of course that worked.

Meanwhile Jessica is trying to get close to her kids, but they explain to her (all too honestly) that she is nothing without men.  The children's theory could prove to ring true, as her meeting with Ray to talk ends the episode with an honest-to-goodness good time at the bowling alley.

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Hung Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ray: What about these clenched hands?
Lenore: To me that represents fisting Ray. It tells me it's time for you to change up your repertoire.

Although we sell dick, and not cars, we could learn a lot from Diego Rivera.