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In this second episode of Hung's second season Lenore and Tanya continue their fight for power, Jessica has more trouble with her kids, and Ray shows once again that he's a terrible prostitute.

We start with Lenore meeting with a prospective client, Francis.  Tanya follows her and sticks her nose in the meeting, driving Francis away with her inappropriate comments.

Ray is still going strong with his client from the first episode, the pregnant Claire.  Instead of simply pleasuring her, he decides to give Claire advice on her relationship with her estranged husband.

Jessica and Ray were gonna get their date night on, but Grandma guilted her daughter into not being friends with her first husband.  This all led to a big bowling night with the entire family.

Tanya, behind Lenore's back, finds Francis's house and apologizes with lyric croissants.  And after giving Tanya a Christmas present, Francis accepts a business card and it seemed like she might be ready to play ball.

Jessica begins the episode by hiding from Lenore, but after being shunned by Darby at the fat women movement, Jessica ends the thirty minutes with a desperate phone call to the pimp.

Ray finally gives in on two accounts.  He decides to not force Claire to get back with her husband by accepting her $1,200 offer to stay with her, and he also accepts Mrs. Koontz's mattress so he can finally get a good night's sleep.

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Hung Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Lenore: Can I get two equals please?
Tanya: I'm not the waiter, Lenore.
Lenore: Great.

I'm giving you a fantastic bed so you don't sleep like a homeless, on a cot.

Mrs. Koontz