L - Jonah - Hunters Season 2 Episode 5
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Jonah stares in disbelief after the car disappears but is interrupted when the rest of the team walks out with Roxy, who has been shot. They debate what to do about her treatment. Lonny decides to take her to the hospital.

Jonah meets Chava and Harriet and asks for their help to get Clara back, but Chava is against it. Harriet backs Jonah up. They decide to go after Clara.

In captivity, Travis tries to paint a bad narrative about Jonah, revealing what tore the team apart.

In the past, Meyer went to Germany to recruit a new Hunter. Ruth grows more suspicious about Meyers's identity.

Roxy remembers some parts of her life and her dedication to saving her sister.

Jonah, Chava, Millie, and sister Harriet track down the van's location to a village and a florist shop.

The florist reveals where he gets his deliveries and where Hitler might be held up.

Millie opens up about the murder she committed in Los Angeles. To sister Harriet. She discourages Millie from running away, which gets them closer, and they kiss.

In Hitler's compound, The Colonel tries to get Hitler to make some moves, but she oversteps her bounds.

Clara tries to get Joe to let her go by talking to him.

In Germany, Meyer visits people from his past who don't recognize him. He visits his daughter and finds his granddaughter all grown.

Clara manages to distract Joe enough for her to run for it but is caught by Travis.

In the hospital, as Lonny and the rest try to get Roxy's help, she continues remembering her past and the promises she made to those close to her.

Meyer visits his mother's grave, and the guy he came looking for finds him. Tomasz confronts Meyer about his involvement with the war and exposes him as a fraud. Meyer shoots and kills him.

Ruth finds where Meyer's Nazi secrets have hidden.

Outdoors, Joe sees a rabbit that triggers memories of what happened to him.

Jonah and the rest find the compound where Clara is held, and a well-prepared Travis and Joe meet them. A shootout occurs.

With no soldiers left, Travis uses Clara as a body shield. In the chaos that erupts, Joe finally remembers what happened to him and shoots Travis in the face.

He reveals that he knows where Hitler is hiding and will help them find him.

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Hunters Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Chava: Thirty years. Thirty years I've been searching for this man. We are closer now than ever. Our responsibility is to the six million, not to his shiksa girlfriend!
Jonah: I'm not gonna just let them kill her.
Chava: This is bigger than you, Jonah.

You're scared of me? You were gonna marry Jonah, and you're scared of me? Do you know how many people he's killed? He shot them, slit their throats, electrocuted 'em? Hell, I heard he even killed a little boy, an innocent child, just... eight years old. You, my dear, have been sharing a bed, a life with a cold-blooded murderer. You never... felt it? When he was inside you?