L - The House - Hunters Season 2 Episode 7
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Jonah tries to get Hitler out of Argentina and to Germany. As they trek the terrain in Argentina, Jonah tells him a story.

The story is about an odd old couple in a house somewhere in Germany. They spend their days doing mundane stuff, and the husband makes his little houses. They play little games and talk to themselves, appreciating each other's company.

They also seem deluded as they talk to a third party one cannot see and utter some nonsensible stuff.

One day, three Nazi guards knock on their door.

The soldiers interrogate them about the ownership of their house and some other stuff, and the husband reveals they built the house themselves. The husband is a former architect and designed buildings for The Reich.

The soldiers reveal that they are here on an inquiry about a tip they received that the couple might be harboring some Jews. The couple invites them to check the house for any Jews. The soldiers reveal that they are working on some information that some shopping the couple makes doesn't add up.

Two soldiers decide to check the house out, leaving the third to look after the couple. The two soldiers stumble across hidden compartments in the house that leads to secret hidden places.

Downstairs, the third soldier reveals that before he joined The Reich, he once studied to be an architect.

He snoops around the house and questions the couple about their life.

One soldier stumbles across a hidden path that leads to the basement. In the basement, flowers are everywhere, and a child is crouched at the far end. He rushes after it, triggering a booby trap that kills him.

The other soldier stumbles across a trap door that leads to the artic, and up there, he also finds a lot of flowers. He also triggers a booby trap and is killed.

Both of their screams alert the soldier downstairs of trouble. Hugo -- the soldier, reveals that he can see something that doesn't add up about the house. Some wood is younger than the rest, and the house measurements don't add up in some places.

He suspects that the walls are fake and accuses the couple of harboring Jews. He takes out a gun and starts shooting the wall. He injures a kid hiding in the wall before the couple kills him and dumps all their bodies in a nearby lake.

They clean the house up.

It is revealed that the couple had been hiding people in the walls all along. In the ceiling, there are people hidden there too. On the floor, there are people hidden in there.

It is the people there that they had been talking to all along, teaching them how the traps in the house operate and how to activate them in case of trouble.

A week later, a new trio of Nazis arrives at their compound. They are all looking for the other Nazis who never arrived where they were expected. The couple does their routine but says that the Nazis were there, but they left.

This new group searches the house and comes up empty but ends up killing the couple because one of them wants the house and wants to pin the disappearance of the other three soldiers on them.

The soldier and his family move in. Days pass, and the people in the walls start depleting their food supply. A kid is sent to steal some from the fridge, and he runs into trouble when the soldier's kid walks in on him.

The Jews in the wall abduct the kid and use him to trap and kill his parents. They take over the house. Anticipating that the Reich will send someone over, they craft a narrative.

As expected, someone is sent, and they nearly fool him before the soldier's kid gets loose and botches their plan. It forces them to activate all the traps when soldiers descend upon the house.

The children manage to escape, but the adults don't when the house catches fire.

One of the children who escaped grows.

He is Chava's lover and takes Hitler and smuggles him out of Argentina safely for Jonah.

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Hunters Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Once upon a time there was a man... who told a story about a man... who told a story about a man ...who told a story about... a house.


Herr Hansöm, this is an uncomfortable inquiry for both you and Frau Hansöm. But I am sure it's a mix-up of some kind. But ask it still I must. We received a tip to our intelligence service, and I must ask as delicately and respectfully as I can... is there anyone else hiding in your home?