Serial Killer - I Know What You Did Last Summer
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A flashback is shown of Margot and Lennon hooking up. More footage is shown of Lennon having sex with multiple people and posting them to a secret social media account.

Allison goes to Margot as she believes the killer is Lennon.

Lyla and Bruce are hooking up, but Bruce thinks it's Kelly who killed Coach Craft and Johnny.

"Lennon" shows Margot the secret videos of her hooking up with people. Margot reiterates some of the things "Lennon" said to her. Margot knew about "Lennon's" porn account.

A flashback is shown of Margot and Lennon making out and partying before the graduation party.

Riley tackles Dylan's mom Hannah when she's naked and high; she thought she was the killer. Riley and Dylan find Allison's sweatshirt on a salt stick. Members of the town are body painted and ready for "Naked Run."

There are protestors outside of the police station demanding Kelly should be arrested.

The morgue attendant Wade said the head was a message for them. Officer Doug wants him to crack in Johnny's head to find any messages or clues.

Allison receives a text from the killer with a copy from a past Lennon text.

Riley teases Dylan about his sex tape being on Lennon's account. Dylan thinks "Allison" is trying to reach her; Riley tries to get him to see straight and believe it's the killer.

Allison gets scared when she thinks someone is in the house. She finds an "I'm Here" message and races to the beach, but she gets overwhelmed by the naked runners. She floats in the water until a body rises to the surface; it's Lennon's body.

Lyla tells Bruce that they believe her body was caught under the volcanic rock. The police ruled it a suicide and that she was dead since her disappearance from the year prior. She looked the same.

Riley, Margot, Dylan, and "Lennon" debate who could be the killer. Dylan lashes out at "Lennon" and says that he was in love with Allison.

Bruce is mad over Lennon's body being found. Bruce visits Clara and is mad at her; Clara had the body for a year. She prepared the body for the next life and wanted to see if she was the one. Bruce said he protected Clara, but Clara counters that she protected him too.

Officer Doug confirms that Kelly and Dale were hooking up. Dale hooked up with a lot of people in town.

Allison isn't ready to go to the funeral; she wants to start a new life. Bruce gives her the necklace back.

Kelly says she hooked up with Dale just for fun; she never got a payment or favor from him. He only would do favors for teenage girls.

Margot does a livestream to her followers about all the recent deaths. Her mother keeps pushing her to do more content for her followers.

Allison stares over her sister's dead body, but Dylan arrives early to mourn. She pushes Dylan to forgive himself and move on.

Officer Doug calls Lyla to tell her that Dale's recent finances prove Kelly is innocent. He got recent Bitcoin payments from "Allison's" OnlyFans account.

A flashback is shown of the complete conversation between Margot and Lennon during their dance at the graduation party. Lennon tries to push Margot to hook up with a guy in their class.

Clara attends the funeral. Mourners continue to give Allison their respect.

Courtney sneaks a smoking break out of the camera view. She asks Riley to give her drugs.

Margot does a livestream away from the funeral.

A flashback shows Margot walking in after Lennon and Dylan had sex. Lennon confirms Dylan was a virgin. Margot lashes out at Lennon for her evil behavior; Margot can't believe that Lennon pushed her and slept with Allison's true love.

Margot tells Lennon that she loves her. Lennon tells her that she doesn't care about Margot at all.

Allison walks in on Margot eating cake; she apologizes to her for her bad treatment. Bruce walks in on Margot and Allison making out.

Wai Huna turns out to the burning of "Allison's" body. Allison, Riley, Margot, and Dylan get text messages from the killer.

A scream is heard out in the crowd. The group finds Officer Doug and the Ohana chef murdered. They each receive a text message that says, "I still know."

I Know What You Did Last Summer
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I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Lyla: What you got for me?
Doug: I did some digging regarding your earlier inquiry about Dale’s relations with Kelly Craft. They were, in fact, carnal.
Lyla: Ugh, shit. I won’t be able to live with my mother if she’s right about this.

Margot: Allison didn’t have any friends.
“Lennon”: She had me.
Dylan: We all saw how there for her you were,
“Lennon”: Are you legit shading me right now?
Dylan: Oh, everyone knows you didn’t give a shit about her.
“Lennon”: You have no idea what I felt about my sister.
Dylan: Yea, I do because I loved her. And you knew it, that’s why you fucked me that night. You fucked me to fuck her. And I fell for it. Now, she’s dead and I’ll never fucking forgive you.