Hook-up Buddies - I Know What You Did Last Summer
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Flashbacks are shown of Clara pouring honey over Lennon's dead body, Lennon running into the car, her cutting herself, and Clara adding the bug into her brain.

Margot breaks down all the reasons why Dylan is the killer. Allison picks up a call from a number she doesn't recognize, but she hangs up the phone.

The town mobilizes as a mob ready to kill Clara. Lyla arrives to calm them down as they believe Clara has kidnapped Riley. Lyla asks Bruce if she knows where Clara would be, but he doesn't have a clue.

Clara cleans the blood off her knife outside of the caves.

Allison calls the number back and it's revealed to be her mother. Her mother tells her not to call again; she can hear that her mother has a son on the other end.

Allison confides in Margot about how her mother is still alive and took off with Fred Phillips. Allison sends her mother a text of "Allison's" death. Allison leaves the house to go looking for people.

Allison confides in Bruce the truth about the killing spree and the torment by the killer. Bruce calls Lyla to say he might know where Clara might be.

Lyla, Lonnie, and the police force head to the caves; they discover the secret honey room. They discover Riley's body placed in a pose, covered in honey. They find Clara dead and covered with honey.

The police believe that Clara suffocated herself with honey. Dylan returns to Margot and Allison; he claims that he escaped through a lava tube to make it out alive.

A town memorial is done for all the victims of the killer. Margot and Allison mourn at Johnny's stand; Kelly mourns at Courtney's stand. Dylan mourns over Riley's stand.

Lyla is confused about why Clara killed everyone. She reveals Doug never suspected her.

Margot reveals her mother is sending her to an institute again; Kelly believes it'll help her stop mukbanging and get back to Zen. Margot tells Allison to be careful around Dylan since he's still acting weird.

Three weeks past and Wai Huna has returned to normal. Bruce and Lyla hook up in a shed. Allison tells Margot that Lyla and Bruce have become a legitimate couple. Dylan has a prescription for vaping while Margot and Allison took some MDNA.

Margot reveals her mother gave her a therapy dog. The OG crew dance and have fun at the town festival.

Margot presses that Allison may be into Dylan. Allison reveals that her mother never messaged back after she sent the text.

Margot doesn't want to jump into the ocean with Dylan and Allison. She gets a call from her mother, but she declines. Kyle appears and tells her that her mother's waiting. Allison decides to stay at the beach with Dylan.

Allison invites Dylan to come in; he initially declines, but then changes his mind. Allison and Dylan have sex. Meanwhile, Margot is masturbating to the secret sex tape taken of Dylan and Lennon at the party.

Allison comes clean to Dylan about the truth and the Lennon lie. Dylan is furious o because he feels betrayed. His words make it seem like he killed Clara and did something terrible.

Lyla and Bruce talk about getting married one day. Lyla picks up a mannequin arm that's dropped on the ground.

While at home, Margot goes searching for her dog, Cheeto. She sets the house alarm after hearing a sound. She sees someone outside, but it turns out to be a reflection. The killer shoves her through a glass window.

Kelly thinks Margot tripped over the dog (Margot lied to her so that her mom wouldn't react). A plastic surgeon is going to fix her face.

Bruce meets up with Allison's mother to talk about Lennon's death.

Dylan chips the Allison name off the side of the cave. He heads to the police station because he wants to talk to Lyla.

Margot and Allison kiss. While sleeping, Margot feels the scares on Allison's thighs and says, "You have them too."

I Know What You Did Last Summer
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I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You have them too.


Allison: It’s me, Dylan. It’s me. Allison.
Dylan: That’s not funny.
Allison: It’s true, I swear.