Shocking Truths - I Know What You Did Last Summer
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The scene returns to 12 hours earlier with the bloody machete. Riley is hiding out in water and panicking.

Allison cuts her hand while climbing over a barbed-wire fence. Dylan hides out in a building while Clara uses her shotgun. Margot screams as she steps into something dirty.

Riley tries to hitchhike, but the myesterious truck tries to run her over. She runs through the woods as the truck chases after her.

The truck hits Riley and sends her flying. Riley forces herself up and runs away to hide. She calls her mother, but Courtney hangs up on her thinking it was an accidental call. Courtney is watching a drunken party fight.

The killer stabs Riley through the heart. Riley bleeds out and collapses.

In a flashback to the party, Riley steals some of Margot's medicine. More is shown of them together before they bumped into Lennon and Allison.

As Dylan drives by in his car, Riley wakes up. Dylan is driving a similar dark truck. She is still alive.

Courtney wakes up thinking Riley hooked up with someone the previous night.

Allison looks over the photos she took at Clara's place. She connects "Fred Phillips" to a person in the cult photo from Clara and Bruce's wedding.

Margot wakes up and thinks that Clara is the killer. She thinks Clara is doing this for the man she loves and the daughter he lost. Margot convinces her to link with him on LinkedIn.

Margot won't let Bruce into her house to talk to Allison. Margot and her bodyguard Kyle keep him from coming inside.

Courtney goes searching at Dylan's home. He reveals that Riley wasn't at his place. Courtney heads to the police station believing that Lyla arrested her the night before, but they didn't. Courtney asks for their help, but Lyla, May, and Lonnie refuse to help as they believe she's just out partying.

A flashback shows Lennon and Riley dancing. They're dancing to make Dyln jealous; Margot calls her over to say Riley is acting off.

Dylan, Margot, and Allison debate what could have happened to Riley. Kyle forces Margot to attend her therapy session.

Bruce kicks an interviewee out after he wants to take a selfie at the urder scene. Courtney tells Bruce that she can't find Riley and she has a bad feeling that something's wrong.

Allison nearly gets run over by a car. Dylan says that his time at MIT wasn't what he thought it would be. Allison, while pretending to be Lennon, brings up memories from their past. Dylan reveals he was into Lennon too.

Dylan and Allison find Riley's severed hand in the woods.

Bruce confronts Clara about her spiders being found. Clara tells him that someone broke into the compound and looked through the photo album. He doesn't find out if Clara knew what happened to Riley.

Riley sends Courtney a "help" text with a location tracker.

Margot, Dylan, and Allison decide they need to go back to Clara's place to find her. Margot and Dylan debate bringing guns; they all get text messages too.

Courtney follows the tracking to a field and goats. She picks up Riley's phone and sets off a trap that strangles her. Courtney dies in the trap.

The killer sends the OG crew a message tormenting them; Dylan throws his phone into the ocean out of anger. Riley is still alive.

Lyla and the police arrive at Clara's home searching for her. They find the spiders and Courtney's dead body.

Bruce sneaks up at Margot's home to speak with Allison. Bruce reveals that he and Lennon/Allison's mother were in the cult; their mother is still alive. Their mother abandonded them and left with Fred Phillips; Lennon was in contact with Fred trying to find the truth. Bruce reveals he left Lennon on the highway that night.

The police can't find Clara. The police have an alert searching for Riley too.

Dylan, Allison, and Margot stay together at Margot's place for safety.

Riley, while injured, makes her way back to her home and collapses.

In the flashback, Riley and Dylan play around in the bouncy castle. Riley kisses Dylan, but there's awkwardness between them; she plays it off like he shouldn't be a virgin heading to university. He says that he cares a lot about who he gives his virginity away to. They argue and Riley retorts that Dylan is an idiot for holding out for Allison. Riley is sad because she wanted her first time to be iwth Dylan.

Dylan secretly left Margot's home. Margot thinks that Dylan is suspicious and could be the killer.

Clara finds Riley's body outside of her house.

Dylan is in the caves adding Riley's name to the wall. He follows a rat into a small cave opening; there are dead animal bodies covered in dripping honey. Clara brings in Riley's body and tells Dylan that the tide is coming in.

I Know What You Did Last Summer
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I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

The tide’s coming in.


Lyla: There’s nothing official we can do for 48 hours.
Courtney: In 48 hours, she could be died! There’s a fucking killer out there you haven’t fucking caught.
Lonnie: The killer only targets reasonably attractive males.
Mel: I’m sure she’s fine, Courtney.
Lyla: We’ll keep an eye out.
Courtney: Fuck you, Lyla. I’ll find her myself. And if anyone has hurt my baby, you’re all gonna wish you were dead!