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iCarly Season 1 Episode 5 Review: iRobot Wedding

iCarly Review: iRobot Wedding

iCarly Season 1 Episode 5 put Carly in a weird position. Her nemesis invites her to his wedding, but she thinks the bride is actually a robot! Check out our review here!
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iCarly Season 1 Episode 4 Review: iGotYourBack

iCarly Review: iGotYourBack, Girl

In iCarly Season 1 Episode 4, Carly and Harper have a fight, while Spencer pays a woman to go on dates with Freddie. Find out more in our review here!
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iCarly Revival Exclusive Interview with Star Nathan Kress!

iCarly: Nathan Kress Interview!

iCarly is returning, and we got the inside scoop from star Nathan Kress! Check out our interview with him now to prepare for the premiere on June 17th, 2021!
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By the way, you were so right! My type is totally hot and dumb. What a revelation! Do I need therapy? No, I'm good.


Carly: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Harper and Carly: Outfit Montage!
Carly: It's hurting my retinas. I feel like the lining of a really expensive casket. Too frilly. Too silly. Too racey. Too spacey. Too flirty. Too birdy!