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-Grace, a former mistress to Ali, an Arab mobster enters WITSEC and hides her pregnancy. When Ali is told about the baby he claims he doesn't want custody.

-Stan assigns Mary to accompany Grace to her doctors appointments and lamaze classes. When Grace goes into labor, Mary is there to help deliver her little boy.

-Grace and the baby disappear from the hospital. Video surveillance shows that Grace snuck out with the baby. The FBI tails Ali as he boards a plane on his way to New Mexico.

-A WITSEC team follows Ali to his meeting with Grace. She was going to sell the baby back to him, then run and never testify, if Ali wired her $1.5 million per year until the baby is 18. Marshall and Stan arrest them both.

-Marshall and Mary find the newborn left in a motel room with a woman who doesn't speak english. The baby is later adopted into a loving home.

-Mary has second thoughts about the adoption and cancels her appointment to meet with the adoptive parents.

-Mark shows up at Brandi's rehearsal party. When he realizes Mary is pregnant with his child, he promises to be there for her and their child.

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Don't get all Julie McCoy on me. This isn't the Love Boat. There isn't going to be a double wedding.


Whoa, wait. That's what they're going to drive the kid around in? Some junked out background car from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.