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-Douglas Hampton is upset that once he enters WITSEC he must give up his drag queen alter ego.

-Unfortunately, Douglas performs his act at a night club and a mob enforcer spots him. The Marshal's realize that men are being sent to the drag club to kill Douglass.

-Douglass is safe but Marshall takes his place and dresses in drag as the WITSEC team capture the men trying to kill him. Douglass must be relocated again but is happy to be reunited with the son he gave up when he was 18.

-Marshall tells Mary that he and Abigail are engaged. She's shocked he didn't tell her he was thinking about proposing.

-Raph returns to Albuquerque and runs into Mary. He's surprised to see Mary has a child and she's shocked to find that he's married but both are happy for one another.

-Mary hooks up with Kenny, a single Dad she meets at a coffee bar.

-Mary's fugitive father reappears on her doorstep decades after he walked out on his family.  Mary arrests him.

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Charming single dad devoid of any moves. That's your move.


There's no truth in fairy tales. Not really. You know how you can tell? They're called fairy tales.