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-The FBI tails Mary believing she may have helped her father, James escape. 

-James kills Sully, the man who killed his son, then he finds Jinx after a 30 year absence. He tells her he's sorry, thanks her for raising their girls, and tells her goodbye.

-Mary is forced to help relocate Ronnie, a conman from last season, and his new girlfriend who unwittingly gives Mary a clue to her father's next move.

-Mary loses her FBI tail, then finds and cuffs her father as he's about to sell a $10 million jewel he switched out from FBI evidence to Finn.  Finn and his men see Mary and open fire.

-James throws himself in front of Mary and takes a bullet for her.  He's rushed into surgery but dies.

-Marshall once again leaves Abigail, this time at their own engagement party, in order to be at Mary's side.

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Delia's not messing around with these muffins. God help me they're good.


His only son just got killed on his watch. Mother Teresa would want revenge.