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-Ivan Gunter witnesses his friend being thrown off the roof by Brockton the head of the Winston Regents, due to an illegal gambling ring. The Regents are a club that hold almost mythical power through it's alumni who hold the highest offices in politics and the corporate world.

-When Ivan's mother refuses to enter WITSEC because she won't leave her research, Ivan tells the Regents he has a list of powerful alumni who were involved with the gambling ring. His mother's office and his apartment are ransacked. Mom agrees to enter WITSEC when her research funding is cut but a Senator who is a former Regent.

-A truck rams Marshall's vehicle as he transports a thumb drive containing the list. Two armed men steal it. Marshall is injured but is OK.

-Mary returns to work while Jinx and Mark care for baby Norah. Mary realizers that Tippy, the federal prosecutor working on the case was a Winston Regent and they arrest him. He confesses that he fed information to the Brocktons.

-During mandatory therapy, Mary admits once she looked at baby Norah, she felt that no one could protect her better than she could and decided to keep her baby.

-Back at the office, Mary revels in the office gossip that Stan has a love life and is annoyed by Delia's presence and that Marshall and girlfriend Abigail keep comparing caring for their dog to raising a baby.

-Brandi is in Miami with half brother Scott. She's drinking heavily and Jinx leaves for Miami to help. 

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

I would be bursting with pride if I weren't bracing myself with skepticism.


Unfair and inconvenient as it may be, you're a target.