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-John Arnett walks in on a organ stealing operation and enters WITSEC with his wife and kids.  The Marshals quickly realize he also has another wife and child.

-Both wives and families are told about his betrayal and are furious.  Someone places a phone call to turn John in. Both wives are questioned but deny making the call.

-Turns out John's daughter, Bonnie made the call, then ran away.  They find her and she's furious at her father.  She asks him why they weren't enough. 

-Both families are relocated to the same city and John is allowed limited visitation to his children.

-As Mary and Mark interview nannies for Norah, Mark's mother visits and offers to help.

-Marshall proposes to Abigail.  She accepts.

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

You can take all of your pervy little babysitter fantasies and stick them in a drawer.


There's such a thing as too many choices. I long for the days of three TV channels.