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Murphy is at Guiding Hope when Trey steals the drugs. Darnell tells her what happened, and then tells her she has to find more to cover herself.

Felix is arrested for murder. He finds out later that it's because police found his fingerprints in the van he and Murphy hid in when they snuck into the lot.

Murphy and Jess have to find somewhere out of state to get drugs. They ask Ben after paying him off and he gives them a name.

Sterling overhears that Felix was arrested so she turns over surveillance of the night of the murder to clear him. Cops still hold him anyway.

Dean finds out that Felix is in custody when the cops are laughing at Felix's al iij bi of having diarrhea all night. He asks felix about getting drugs off the van. Felix reminds them that they're whole case will get thrown out if they arrest him.

Dean realizes that Murphy was in on sneaking drugs in and used her cane. He wants to stop her the next time.

She plans to smuggle drugs in again but chloe stops by to ask her to apologize to her father. They switch canes without knowing it.

Darnell tells Murphy to turn him over to Nia for taking the drugs and that he's Nia's brother. Nia let's Darnell off again and Sam is suspicious.

Chloe gets lost on the metro and has a panic attack. Murphy tries to reach her first. But they call him and tell him that Chloe had a panic attack. She tells him that went to see Murphy. Dean finds the drugs in Murphy's cane.

Jess leaves town without telling anyone and Sterling goes with her.

In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I don't really have a choice, so sure. Let's go buy some heroin.


Cop: Felix Bell, you're under arrest for the murder of Jeremy Davis.
Felix: What? Wait, did you say murder? Who is Jeremy Davis?