Betrayals Run Deep - In The Dark
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Dean tells them that he has the drugs and that he needs Murphy to go with him to meet Josiah so he can set Josiah up to take him down. The others are hesitant but Murphy agrees to go anyway.

Dean takes Murphy to his house and forces her to have dinner with him and Chloenand convince Chloe that what he said about why they broke up is true.

Gene stops by to ask dean about planting evidence on Darnell. Dean denies it wan says that he is going to make a bust at Guiding Hope and hopes that will get him his job back. Murphy overhears it. She wakes Chloe up and tells her to take Dean's keys and give them to Jess at the bar.

Gene sees the drugs in the back of Dean's car. He leaves.

Chloe sneaks out and follows Murphy's orders.

Darnell shows up at the bar looking for Murphy. Sam calls him and tells him about Nia. Jess talks to him and tells him they had no choice.

Darnell warns them that more people are going to be coming for them and vows to try to get a handle on things.

The cops come to Dean's house. He refuses to open the door. He doesn't want Chloe to think the worst of him. He's desperate. Murphy tries to talk him down, but he commits suicide.

Murphy tells Gene that Dean was the one who killed Tyson but lies and says she doesn't know where the drugs are.

Felix and the others take the drugs to Josiah who is pleased at the amount and gives them $40K.

Murphy tells Chloe about her dad.

They all think it's over and relax at the apartment. Later Max apologizes for trying trying to make Murphy choose. But she tells him that they aren't good for each other and breaks up with him. He says he won't come back.

Josh comes over. He knocks over a picture that has Max in it. He asks Murphy about him and recognizes him from the Nia case file.

He starts piecing together things and then realizes that Murphy worked for Nia and may have killed her. He says he's turning her in. Murphy hides his phone, turns off the lights, and she and Jess and Pretzel leave Josh in the dark.

In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

You're not any different from me. Why can't you understand that?


Murphy: Dean, if we don't get what's in your trunk to Josiah before midnight he's going to kill me. He's going to kill Jess. He's going to kill Felix, and he's going to kill Max. He's going to kill all of us.
Dean: Well, convince her quickly.