Sniffing Out the Stash - In The Dark
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Josiah gives them a deadline to get him the drugs or else he'll kill them. They have to think of where Ben hid them. They tell Felix to go talk to Chelsea to zero if she has information they could use.

Josh comes to check on Murphy and the others including Max overhear what's going on since they're hiding in her bedroom.

Max is jealous. He and Murphy and Jess go to dig up Ben's belongings. They find a key.

Chelsea says she's done enabling her brother. She tells Felix about her storage room.

Sterling goes to the police and tells them about Sam killing Jules. They put s warrant out for Sam. She also ends up having to admit that they were laundering drugs for Nia but not by choice.

Sam tracks them down to the storage unit. It's a race and she's after them. But the police catch her in time.

Gene starts investigating Jules'death and starts making connections. He tracks down Darnell and he tells Gene that Dean is dirty and planted evidence.

Chloe figures out that her father is still lying.

Dean looks into Ben to find out where the money is. He searches the bar even though he's no longer a cop.

They figure out that the drugs are in the dumpster back at the bar but when the go there the dumpster is empty. Dean is there. He found them and wants to talk.

Josh tells his partner about his sight and she offers to cover for him. He has feelings for Murphy and doesn't know that Murphy is conflicted.

Max tells Murphy that he loves her and he needs her to make a choice.

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In The Dark Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Max: He's got an accent, that's the only reason why she likes him.
Felix: Actually, he's losing his sight too. They connected on a pretty deep level.

Nia bought out my supply, and now that supply is missing. Find it or I'll have you all killed. Go to the cops, I'll have you killed. Tell anyone or try to run, well, you get it.