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  • Josh and Gene arrest Murphy at the scene when Max and Felix take off and leave when the cops are coming. 
  • No one has any information on Jess. 
  • Felix says he has to talk to his sister who has access to people to find out more about Jess and Murphy. 
  • Gene is telling Josh that they're striking a deal with Murphy. 
  • They take Murphy's DNA and hope to get a confession from Murphy.
  • Murphy calls Felix to find out information about Jess. 
  • Darnell confronts Trey about everything. 
  • Murphy hallucinates Jess again who telsl her not to be an idiot.
  • They find out that Jess wasn't in the fire. There were no bodies. 
  • Max tells Felix to talk to his sister who used to be a defense attorney. He eventually does. 
  • DNA comes through and its a match for Murphy. 
  • Gene tells Murphy he'll cut her a deal if she shares information about Chief. 
  • Murphy agrees to the deal.She tells Gene everythng. She telsl Gene to let Josh arrest her since he's looking forward to it. 
  • Gene tells Josh the news and says he'll let Josh book her. 
  • Murphy plays Gene and Josh against each other and escapes while they're arguing. 
  • Alex got Jessica out of the fire. Alex's aunt tells them that Jessica was in bad shape and they took her to the hosptial.
  • Darnell makes it to the hosptal and sees Jess.He thanks Alex for saving her and stays with Jess. 
  • Max and Felix leave Leslie's and Max telsl Felix to take the car and drop him off so he can return to Canada. 
  • The chief fires Gene for Murphy escaping on his watch. 
  • Murphy and Felix reunite and he realizes that she escaped with the handcuffs stil on.
  • Gene uploads Murphy's confession on social media about the chief. 
  • They ke up for visiting hours and see that Jess has been kidnapped fromt he hospital.
  • Bck to the flash of Jess running. 
In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I have a question. What if the DNA doesn't match?


I can't believe the IRS dude signed off on it given his history with Murphy.