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  • Felix and his sister argue. 
  • Gene enlists Josh's help again and makes up with him. He promises that they are doing any deals.
  • The cops are looking for the revolver. 
  • They run the phone that they find and the gun and find out it's registered to Felix's sister. 
  • Gene gives Josh an official job.
  • Lesley telels Felix that he can say. Trey leaves and makes future plans with Murphy when they get a normal life. Max is mad that the others are staying with them. 
  • The police show up to Lesley's house. She sends them away and they believe her. 
  • Felix and Murphy track down Jennifer Walker's uncle and talk to him about her to find out why he was arrested. 
  • They then go to interrogate Jennifer's mother and Murphy is too intense and it's making Felix uncomfortable.
  • The cops find out that Murphy and Felix are after Jennifer walker and they realize that Darnell was the only visitor. They go to talk to Darnell.
  • Sarah cozys up to Darnell talking about Jules to get some information out of him.
  • Sarah and Darnell kiss and then hook up. He overhears that they're looking for Trey for the murder of three people and he goes looking for Trey. 
  • Max and Felix devise a plan to get Murphy to accept that Jess is gone and not connected to Jennifer Walker.
  • Murphy figures out that Felix is trying to take her back across the border. She blows up and he tells her that Jess is dead. He tries to comfort her. She tells him that he's pathetic and she shouldn't have slept with him. and is mean to him. He leaves her there by herself.
In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Jessica: This might be the only version you see of me again. You know that.
Murphy: Don't say that.

Lesley: You want me to house a bunch of criminals?
Felix: It's the kind of thing you do for someone you love.