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  • Murphy goes to talk to another lead in the Jennifer Walker case. She doesn't get anywhere, and the brother is till the primary suspect. 
  • She reaches out to her mother. 
  • Murphy and her mother have an argument but eventually Murphy tells her mother the truth. Joy calls josh thinking that he'll help Murphy. 
  • When murphy figures it out taht her mother turned on her, she evades the police sting set up for her. She relies on an old boyfreind to help her getaway. 
  • She calls Trey for help and they follow up a new lead with Jennifer's brother but don't get anywhere. They head to Darnell's place to stay. 
  • Sarah is still covering some things for Darnell.
  • Gene and Josh are pissed that Murphy keeps getting away. 
  • Gene makes a move on Sarah but she rejects him and reaches out to Darnell instead. 
  • Lesley helps Felix and Max look into their defense. 
  • She reaches out Sam on their behalf to see if she'll testify for them when it comes to court so that they know that they did everything in self defense. 
  • She offers to represent Sam in exchange for that. 
  • When Felix calls Sam, she declines because she's angry about them killing Nia. 
  • Sarah goes to Darnell's place to meet him and Trey answers the door. Sarah sees that Murphy is there. 
In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Why are cops showing up at my door telling me you're involved with a murder case?!

Mrs. Mason

Murphy: Josh doesn't want to protect me, mom. He wants me to rot in prison for the rest of my life!
Joy: It's better than being dead!