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  • The gang are headed across the border 
  • Darnell agrees to help Josiah get all of Nia's people in exchange for them not going after Murphy for revenge of her death. 
  • THey plan to cross the border separately. Murphy wants to meet up with at least Jess because she can't be alone. They agree to meet up in a year at the latest. 
  • Gene gets moved to homicide by his chief's boss, the superintendent, and requests that Josh continue working with him. His chief is pissed. 
  • The four make one last call to their parents to tell them that they're hiking with friends on the Appalachian Trail. 
  • Under Sarah's advice, Gene and Josh go to talk to Murphy's mother. They tell her everything they think they know and claim they want to get to Murphy before Nia's people do. They check her phone when she isn't looking and figure out the number called was a payphone.  
  • Max still wants nothing to do with Murphy, and it's upsetting for her. He goes to get the passports, and he takes Jess with him instead of Murphy when Felix is worried he won't come back.Max and Jess bond while driving.  
  • Gene and Josh get a lead when they catch them on security cameras at the gas station and know they can't cross the border yet. 
  • A cop comes in when Murphy is sneaking around the front dest trying to print a paper looking for a blind woman and three friends driving their car. She pretends that she can see and tries to distract the cop. Felix has to distract the front desk girl. 
  • They alert Jess and Max. Max wants to take the risk anway and Jess doesn't. They somehow end up locking themselves out of the car and Max is spiraling. 
  • jess calls the guy they're supposed to get the passports from for an extension, and gets it. Max is so relived he hugs her and they head to another motel for the night. 
  • The hotel manager thinks that Felix is hitting on her and makes a move.  
  • Jess and Max talk about Murphy, saying no to her. Max really opens up to her, and he shows interest in the bar tender at the restaurant they stop at. 
  • The cop refuses to leave and wants to finish out his shift there. Murphy tells him the desk is closed and goes to the room where Felix and the hotel manager are about to have sex. They act as if they usually have threesomes all of the time, and Felix flips out about everything. 
  • Felix gets upset that Murphy only seems to care about Max and not seeing him for a year and she admits that he's her best friend and she'll hate not seeing him too. they agree to have the threesome and do. 
  • Max hooks up with the bartender. The cop left. 
  • Everyone says goodbye and parts ways. Max still gives Murphy the cold shoulder. Murphy and Jess take different buses but are supposed to meet up except someone kidnaps Jess. Murphy waits for her. 
In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Ya boy just got promoted!


Darnell: OK. I can get you all of Nia's people. Under one condition, tell them not to worry about trying to find out who killed Nia. They need to focus on your business, not revenge. Make it an order.
Josiah: If you want me to protect Murphy and them just ask.
Darnell: You know.