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  • Josh says that he'll help Murphy in exchange for all the drugs at Josiah's and all four of them turning themselves in for Nia's murder. 
  • Someone named Alex is looking after Jess while she's in captivity with Josiah.
  • They have to track down Max. 
  • Murphy wants to make sure that there's nothing that will blow back on Darnell and Trey. Trey, however is annoyed that they may end up working with the cops and the heroin will be in cop custody. 
  • Gene talks to Sarah about finding a way to search the arcade without a warrant. 
  • Jess pleads with Alex to try to keep her alive. 
  • They make phone calls and eventually get a lead on Max but it's eight hours away. 
  • Murphy tells Max about Jess and the deal that she made with them. He said he's on his way.
  • Trey calls someone and says that he wants to make a move on Josiah with them. 
  • Josiah tells someone to take care of Jess if Darnell doesn't come back with the money.
  • Murphy and Trey hook up. Darnell talks Felix into telling Muprhy he has feleings for her, but he discovers her hooking up. 
  • Max warns Trey against Murphy and he puts his plan back into play to get to the heroin before the cops do. 
  • Murphy and the others meet up with Josh and gene and put together a plan to raid Josiah's arcade. 
  • Alex catches Trey's friend stealing the drugs. She calls Josiah to alert him that the cops are coming. 
  • The arcade is set on fire when Murphy and the others get there. 
In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Sarah: There's a way to search a place without a warrant.
Gene: That's a warrant.
Sarah: There are loopholes.

Josh: Find, we'll get Jess, but we still need the heroin. Every brick.
Murphy: You can have it. All of it.