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  • Murphy wants to look iinto Jennifer Walker who disappeared ten years ago. 
  • A storm hits and they lose power. Murphy decides she wants to go find power somewhere else against Lesley's advisement. 
  • Felix asks Murphy and Trey about the gun, and they tell him they lost it.
  • Murphy and Max argue with each other in front of everyone and it's awkward especiallly when Murphy implies that Max is only with Lesley to make her jealous. 
  • They leave and Max and Lesley talk. She tells him about her past relationship being similar with her girlfriend, and they are about to have sex when Felix comes interupting. 
  • Trey makes a move on Murphy, but she shuts him down. She envisions Jess and realizes that she doesn't have her phone. 
  • She wakes everyone up and has them looking for it.
  • Felix tells Murphy about how he fell out with Lesley. She tells him that there's no love triangle between her and Max and Trey. 
  • Max tells Lesley that hes hung up on Murphy but he wants to be over here. They have sex and Murphy and Felix can hear. 
  • Murphy approaches Trey for sex out of retaliation. He tells her he knows what she's doing and declines. 
  • After talking to Jess in her hallucination, Murphy chooses to have sex with Felix instead. He prematurely ejaculates before they even start anything.
  • Murphy takes a shower and Trey comes in and they sleep together. 
  • Felix comes to tell Murphy about how he feels but he notices Trey's stuff.He goes to take a moment in the basement and sees that Lesley got his inheritance. 
  • He confronts Lesley about how she was the favorite child who ended up with the only thing he ever wanted from his father. And how no one ever chooses him.
  • Felix finds out that Jennifer Walker's uncle was suspected of kidnapping but wasn't charged because he was just the last one to see her. 
  • They find Murphy's phone. Trey had it the whole time. He thought it was his phone. But when he calls his phone its at the  house still with Josiah's wife's body.


In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

It's like Max gets to do whatever he wants. He has no idea how much it sucks to be me.


I honestly don't even get siblings. It's just like, this person has to be in your life forever regardless of whether o not you even like them? Ew.