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  • someone in Mexico is looking to hear from Josiah and the boss sends someone to Chicago because Josiah's heroin is all burned down.
  • Josiah tells his wife that they need to leave Chicago. 
  • Felix tells Murphy that they need to head back to the border because whoever took Jess probably took her out already. Murphy is in denial about it.
  • They agree to rest at Felix's sister house. But when they get there, Max opens the door. He's been staying there. 
  • another cop corroborates Gene's story of the video and the chief gets told to retire early. Everyone calls Gene a hero.
  • Murphy is still visualizing Jess. 
  • Murphy gets a call from Jess' burner phone after Max comes into the room to comfort her, but she only hears breathing and Jess doesn't answer. 
  • Felix takes some of Leslie's uppers to keep himself awake.
  • They tell Gene that he's goig to be the chief of detectives now. he calls them out for only doing it for optics but says he's only agreeing to it if he can charge the chief. Gene hires Sarah again and they arrest the chief.
  • They go to Trey for help. He agrees to help them out in tracking down Jess. 
  • Murphy, Trey, and Max head to Josiah's house to find out more about Jess and why they are keeping her alive and captive, but a child answers the door.
  • Max takes the kids upstairs and tries to distract them while Murphy and Trey inform his wife that he's drug kingpin.
  • Josiah shows up after Murphy accidentally hits Lauren with her walking stick. 
  • The Mexican dude shoots Josiah's wife right in front of everyone. Max telsl the kids to hide.He wants to kill the kids too. Max makes them hide. 
  • Max saves the kids and gets in the van with Murphy and Trey. 
  • Josiah kilsl the others. 
  • Felix's sister's gun is at the scene with one of the men. 
  • Josiah tells them that he doesn't know where Jess is. 
  • Josiah leaves town with his kids.
  • Gene gives Sarah a team to find Murphy. 
  • Cops find out and tell Gene that Jess checked in at Clover Inn. Leslie tells Felix that and he calls to find out that she has a Do Not Disturb. 
  • The cops are headed to the INn to find her. 
  • Felix gets to the hotel and its not Jess. The cops come shortly after and haul in the grl who has Jessica's passport. 
  • Murphy figures out that the person who is after Jess is actually someone who is after Jennifer Walker, Jess's alias. 


In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Just to warn you my sister is kind of a bitch.


There are people who want to kill me. We need to leave town tonight.