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  • Murphy tries to call Jess but she's not getting anything.
  • She tries to get help from a woman with an orange hat, but it's a no go. Jess pleads with the person taking her.
  • Murphy desperately tries to find Jess, but she's having no such luck. When she hears a bus for thunder Bay she thinks about Felix and wants to go to him.
  • Murphy takes a bus to get her to Thunder Bay, but she finds out that it won't get her there in time before Felix's bus takes off.
  • Murphy meets a teenager, Michael, who she talks into stealing his father's car and driving her to Thunder Bay. Michael is a terrible driver.
  • Michael is gay and comes out to Murphy. He has plans to hook up with someone while he's in Thunder Bay for the first time. But it's concering since the guy he wants to hook up with is 31.
  • When they stop for gas, Murphy encounters a creepy guy. Michael gets weed and starts smoking it while driving.
  • A truck starts following them. It's the guy from the gas station. They speed up and get into an accident. The guy comes to give Murphy her license back that she left at the gas station. He totaled his father's car. Murphy sends Michael home.
  • She doesn't want to get him involved further. Michael comes back to get her to Thunder Bay.
  • Michael plans to tell his mom the truth when he calls her but chickens out and says that Murphy kidnapped him.
  • He has her phone and his mother won't let him turn back.
  • Murphy is all alone. No one ever stops. It gets dark, and she and Pretzel are alone at a park where she breaks down and cries. Jess tracks her down.
  • There was a tracker in the teddy bear she gave her. Jess gets upset that Murphy didn't seem more worried about her.
  • She argues with Murphy and talks about killing Nia. Murphy tells her that she should've just left her there to die. Jess wallops Murphy, and then tells her that it's all a dream. Murphy imagined Jess there.
  • She wakes up and checks the teddy bear. But nothing is there.
  • Jess was taken to Josiah's place.
In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Murphy: You were just trying to be a good person.
Michael: I was trying to get laid! And I used your dead grandmother's funeral as an excuse to smoke weed and lose my virginity. Lorri, that's how bad of a person I am! The worst part is I didn't even get you there! It didn't even matter.

These past few hours with you have been more exhilarating than the entirety of my life up until this point and that's because I was actually being me. And you know what, I'm going to tell my mom that I"m gay, and I'm going tell her that I took my dad's car, and that I'm so sick of being perfect all of the time, and she needs to get you to Thunder Bay.