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  • Murphy and Max are awkwarda after their latest bout of sex. Max gives her an ultimatum. She agrees to hash things out.
  • The big boss gets photos andnotice about Murphy andDarnell. He knows their identities and wants them taken care of.
  • Murphy is still lying to Max about what she's doing when she takes a phone call from Darnell who tells her the latest and that they're supposed to lay low.
  • Max gets sick of Murphy lying. He looks at her phone and assumes she's sleeping with Darnell. Murphy tells him the truth.
  • They keep hearing a constant beeping while they bicker.
  • They have angry sex.
  • Max proposes to Murphy with a ring he got after their second date and she says yes.
  • Darnell calls Murphy to tell her that they got threats and Paula's boss knows who they are.
  • They find out the beeping is a tamgotchi pet. they come and take her.
  • Max sees Murphy get taken and calls for help.
  • Max calls Darnell and tails the guys who took Murphy.
  • they kidnapDarnell too.
  •  Max calls Leslie for help. She has a team in route.
  • Murphy and Darnell see that the person behind Bolt is Trey.
In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Max: If anything were to happen to you...
Murphy: Nothing is going to happen to me.

Murphy: If you wanna hash it out, then let's hash it out.
Max: So you want to make this work?
Murphy: I want to at least try.