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  • Flashes of Murphy and Darnell undercover dressed up and pretending to be a couple at a fancy event.
  • Darnell proposes a plan that they capture Trey and the donor at the same time. They have to get money for the undercover bit though.
  • Murphy goes to talk to Felix who is back from Anguilla with Leslie. Max talks to Leslie and apologizes for everything. Murphy tels felix about being an informant and getting engaged.
  • Felix goes to the girl who stole money from her uncle to get more money. They have sex and she gives it to him.
  • Darnell gets information from Trey about who the buyer is and who bankrolled Bolt for him. It's a guy named Jimmy who is a politician and also happens to be the uncle of the girl Felix slept with and got the money from.
  • Darnell encourages Trey to press Jimmy for more money and a higher percentage and they call his bluff when he declines.
  • Felix enlists Leslie's help to get Max an in with Jimmy again. They blackmail their grandmother.
  • Max gets in with Jimmy and working with him.
  • Murphy poses in her position. She meets and seduces Jimmy and goes home with him. She asks him about pillsand he brings out the Bolt and makes her take it and takes some too.
  • Murphy hallucinates Max but she also sets up an arrangment so that Jimmy can unload his drugs. They send him a fake subpoena to give him more incetive and make things more desperate.
  • They set up a deal.
  • Max and Murphy prepare for the day and the meet with Jimmy and the Bolt supplier. They talk about marriage and Max can't stop talking about how much he wants this perfect life with Murphy after all of this. It's foreboding.
  • Flashes to the event where it appears Max may have been shot and Murphy is crying.
In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

You're asking me to help the person that Max just cheated on me with. I'm not a robot. It's going to take a bit to get over it.


I never said I was a saint. Far from it.