Ben's Secrets - Incorporated
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Show opens with a twist on the 3rd world 'feed a starving kid' commercials-this time the commercial is about feeding starving American kids.

In flashback, Elena receives news that she didn't get the Spiga scholarship, but is offered a job as a sex worker in order to feed her family. 

Laura and Ben look at an interface that allows them to choose the sex and features of the baby they will try to have.

Ben meets with his resistance contact Hendrick to obtain birth control so he can prevent his wife from getting pregnant.

Roger looks at the footage of Elena as Ben passes by. Roger tells Ben that he's the shoe-in to get the promotion since he's the son-in-law of Elizabeth.

Roger wants Ben to tell him about the Arcadia gentleman's club, where Elena works.

Roger talks to his dad-an executive at a company that is a major distributor to Spiga. He wants his dad to get him into Arcadia so he can learn more about Elena and have leverage over Ben.

In another flashback, we see Ben and Theo work together to scam the currency exchange rate and make extra money.

Theo meets Terrance, and wants his money for winning the fight. Terrance won't give him the money unless he breaks the leg of a Red Zoner named Spider, who won a basketball scholarship to play in the Green Zone.

Roger's dad offers to help him, but only if he gets his brother out of the house and sent to a treatment center. Roger refuses and walks out.

Laura and Ben watch a Spiga video about having a 'gestator' to carry their genetically modified baby, Ben suggests that they have a natural pregnancy, with no genetic choices regarding sex and features. The are tested for DNA abnormalities before Spiga will sign off on a natural pregnancy.

Roger tries to get the personnel file on Elena, but Hendrick intercedes. Roger threatens Hendrick.

Ben's DNA comes back suspect, and Spiga refuses to sign off on a natural pregnancy unless they sign a waiver putting Spiga in the clear for any future problems.

Ben lies to Laura about being raised in the Red Zone, and convinces Laura to go forward. 

Theo meets Spider, the basketball player, and finds that they know each other.

Hendrick gives Ben the birth control, and tells him about Roger nosing around. 

Ben tells Hendrick to give him the heavily redacted file, so he can use it to track Roger's movements.

Roger meets his brother Mitchell, and tries to talk him into going to a rehab facility to repair his brain damage. 

Mitchell agrees.

Ben takes the birth control-a subcutaneous patch. 

Elizabeth meets with the Inazagi defector to get the intel she offered in exchange for her defection. She tells Elizabeth about a whiz kid who has figured out a way to grow crops using salt water, thereby reclaiming all the farmland now unusable due to climate change.

She also tells Elizabeth that she was having an affair with Elizabeth's husband. Elizabeth tells the defector she will be killed if she tells anyone about it.

Theo takes Spider for drinks, as part of his plan to break his leg. 

Elizabeth meets with Laura and Ben, trying to talk them out of the natural pregnancy. She fails.

Theo tells Spider to fake his death and run away so he can save his family. Spider refuses, and tells Theo to break his leg. Theo initially refuses, but is goaded into doing it.

In a flashback, Ben gives Elena the money he stole to give her a way out of her her predicament. She tells him that the scholarship is hers again. A thug firebombs the diner, burning up the money. Ben and Elena escape.

Back in the present, Ben goes to the office of Roger's father, and watches as Elena walks in to meet Roger. She does not see him.






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Incorporated Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Hendrick: At least when you were a little snot you listened to me.
Ben: Yeah, you've always been like a father to me. When things got tough, you bailed.

We are not having a clone of me. Don't you want the baby to look like you at all?