Ben Improvises - Incorporated
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Flashback to 12 years earlier, Hendrick and Ben/Aaron exchange gifts. Hendrick offers Ben encouragement. Flash-forward to 6 years ago. Aftermath of the fire-bombing. Ben is blamed for the bombing.

Ben goes up in the elevator to attempt to rescue Elena. 

Elena, who now calls herself Anastasia, is introduced to Roger.

Roger wants to know more about the real Elena. She won't tell him anything about her past life.

Ben sets up a listening device to overhear the conversation between Roger and Elena.

Roger grabs a corkscrew and threatens to hurt Elena. She refuses to answer. Roger cuts her face. 

Ben uses the building tech to release smoke into the room to help free Elena.

Laura uses VR to relive her past attack trauma. It doesn't help.

Ben pitches his Everclear mind reading device to the board as an alternative to the NDA mind wipe.

Roger goes to the Red Zone to find out about Elena. He learns her real name.

Roger sends a bogus email to set up a meet with Elena's father.

Another flashback-Elena visits her father in a debtor's prison. 

Roger meets Elena's father in the Red Zone, where Roger lies and tells him that Elena is dead.

He also asks him to identify Ben, which he does. Roger wants help in bringing Ben down.

Julian meets Laura at her house. She tells him about her panic episodes. She asks for advice on how to deal with her issues.

Ben confronts Roger in the Red Zone.

Flashback to the time where Elena signs the sex worker contract. She signs and tells Ben to forget about her.

Ben tells Roger he will make sure Roger gets the promotion in exchange for rescuing Elena. Roger realizes that Ben recorded the conversation and they fight.

Ben kills Roger. 

Theo helps Ben dispose of the body. 

Flashback to Ben meeting Hendrick after he became a Green Zoner. Ben demands that Hendrick get him into the Green Zone. 







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Incorporated Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

The truth is that with your pants off, all you limp dicks look the same to me!


Do what you have to do to get what you need. She's just a piece of company property.